Coupling at Poker After Dark

For the delight and entertainment of the viewers, the professionals at NBC’s popular series ‘Poker After Dark’ has filmed a show including poker couples as its contestants.

Since its first program on Jan 2nd 2007, ‘Poker After Dark’, NBC together with have been treating the viewers to a weekly poker event involving six of the world’s best at the poker tables. This poker series includes different themes and six players by special invitation only to compete in sit n go poker events.

Theme Time at ‘Poker After Dark’

The program creators seem to manage to keep finding new twists and themes for the late night poker show. The latest attraction is to host couples at ‘Poker After Dark”. These are of course not just any ordinary couples, but well-known poker players who happen to be couples. The no limit Texas hold’em event has been named “Love at First Raise” and promises great poker action. The couples that will be participating in this ‘Poker After Dark” show are Jennifer Harman and Marco Traniello; David Benvamine and Erica Schoenberg and Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly. Each of the participants will be competing against their respective mates and the other players for a prize of $120,000.

It is interesting to note that all of the above-mentioned players have appeared in the past on the ‘Poker After Dark’ show. This time, however, certain players may be placed in the position where they need to battle against their loved ones for a chance to win the big prize. An additional point of interest is that two of the women hold WSOP bracelets, that is Jennifer Harman has two and Jennifer Tilly one. While the men have other poker titles to their names, none of them include WSOP bracelets.

Jennifer Harman may be considered the biggest poker name among those participating, but when love is involved who knows what may happen?

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