2 Sit ‘n’ Go Strategy Guides

What is the key to success in poker sit and go tournaments? It’s survival. I do it perfectly. But I finish 6th or 5th too often. Blind are high, but my stack is too short. It hurts my bankroll and my pride.

Study 2+2 STT forum I found that I play too tight on bubble. OK. I have some experience playing in Push/Fold modus. As you know I usually play using short stack strategy.

Of cause, sit and go push/fold modus is different. But my fingers are trained to push all-in. And I love such game. It keeps decisions simple and you can play 4+ tables at once.

What next? Next is heads up. I found a few different strategies for this stage of tournament. Some gurus say that you have to go all-in or fold. Others say that you have to try to see the flop.

It seems to me that first strategy is right. If you push all your chips, your opponent must have a monster to call you. But if you just call, BB have chance to go all-in with marginal hand and win the pot.

As you see I’m not a SNG-guru. That’s why I start Project 1500.

And that’s why I strongly recommend this two sit and go strategy guides:

SitNGoTraining – It’s very interesting guide to sng poker. It’s distinguishing feature it discusses the using of Tournament Indicator software in the game. But some significant issues are not solved.

Sit-and-Go-Strategy-Guide – This is the basic strategy that I will use playing sng tourneys in the future.

P.S. Hm… It looks like that I play wrong SNGs before. I chose tourbo SNG but play strategy that is the best fit for regular SNG structure.

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