Online Poker Freeroll Tournament Strategy

I’ve wrote about MTT strategy early. That post is very popular. But this one has to be more popular. Cause, it’s about freerolls, about freerolls strategy.

OK. Let’s begin.

Avery one loves free money 🙂 And poker rooms offer you free money. But you don’t get free money from freerolls. Cause you have to spend a lot of time to win some money. There are thousands players in the freeroll tourney. And less than 10% of them are paid.

I think if the money prize isn’t significant, you strategy must be mechanic. If you can’t play 3 or 4 tourneys at the same time, simplify or change strategy.

There are some links to quite simple online poker freeroll tournament strategies.

The first one is Fred’s Parkers’ strategy. It’s very interesting strategy. Try it before test others.

Another strategy is Divvo’s Valtzken’s strategy. I never play freerolls using this strategy. But I know the player who uses this one as a base for his MTT strategy.

Yet another strategy for earlier stages is “see all cheap flops”. If you know how to play postflop aggressively, this strategy for you.

As for places to play, choose poker rooms that host freerolls regularly. And that have limit for max players in the tourney. If I want to play freeroll, I open CarbonPoker. But some times great frerolls are hosted by all major poker rooms.

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