James Bond Touch at Poker Stars

James Bond Paulson poker chips are now available for purchase via the Poker Stars Direct site.

The owners of Poker Stars Direct, Brian Garvin and Jeff West, have introduced a new range of Paulson Poker Chips for poker gamers to be able to play in the James Bond style. For years, the name of Paulson has been known as a leader in the area of poker chips manufacture. They are known to be top quality chips and it is believed that the majority of the top casinos use such poker chips.

James Bond poker chips have been created in the style of Casino de Isthmus, which is the name of the fictional casino that was featured in the James Bond movie, “Licensed to Kill”. The chips are available in different denominations and colors.

In Poker Stars Direct’s official press release, it is noted that players may select from a choice of more than 1,500 different items at this large supplier of poker products.

“We’re very excited, not to mention it’s a very comfortable feeling to know customers specifically searching for Paulson Poker Chips will be able to find the entire series of James Bond Chips right from our site, without having to search multiple sites to find exactly what they need”, says Brian Garvin, one of the owners of Poker Stars Direct in a recent statement on the Poker Stars Direct website.

“Our business is committed to constantly expanding our inventory to accommodate the millions of Poker Players throughout the world. Our customers consist of neophytes playing poker from their home, experienced Home Poker Players and even many seasoned Poker Professionals. With myself and Brian working this business full-time, it won’t be long before we are a force to be reckoned with”, says Jeff West, the other owner involved with Poker Stars Direct.

This seems to offer not only James Bond Paulson poker chips for poker enthusiasts, but also a promise of more great things to come in the future at Poker Stars Direct.

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