Online Poker Freeroll Tournament Strategy

I’ve wrote about MTT strategy early. That post is very popular. But this one has to be more popular. Cause, it’s about freerolls, about freerolls strategy.

OK. Let’s begin.

Avery one loves free money 🙂 And poker rooms offer you free money. But you don’t get free money from freerolls. Cause you have to spend a lot of time to win some money. There are thousands players in the freeroll tourney. And less than 10% of them are paid.

I think if the money prize isn’t significant, you strategy must be mechanic. If you can’t play 3 or 4 tourneys at the same time, simplify or change strategy.

There are some links to quite simple online poker freeroll tournament strategies.

The first one is Fred’s Parkers’ strategy. It’s very interesting strategy. Try it before test others.

Another strategy is Divvo’s Valtzken’s strategy. I never play freerolls using this strategy. But I know the player who uses this one as a base for his MTT strategy.

Yet another strategy for earlier stages is “see all cheap flops”. If you know how to play postflop aggressively, this strategy for you.

As for places to play, choose poker rooms that host freerolls regularly. And that have limit for max players in the tourney. If I want to play freeroll, I open CarbonPoker. But some times great frerolls are hosted by all major poker rooms.

Project 1500

I love some educational reality show that BBC shows some times. But there is no poker reality show. I’m not BBC producer, but I can start own poker show 🙂

I name it “project 1500”. The goal of this project is to build $1500 poker bankroll playing one table SNG tournaments.

I’ll start with $50 bankroll. I will play SNGs in Full Tilt Poker. My start buy-in is $2+$0.25.

Some interesting hands, opinions and links will be posted here and on 2+2 forums.

Some times I’ll create videos with my game.

2 Sit ‘n’ Go Strategy Guides

What is the key to success in poker sit and go tournaments? It’s survival. I do it perfectly. But I finish 6th or 5th too often. Blind are high, but my stack is too short. It hurts my bankroll and my pride.

Study 2+2 STT forum I found that I play too tight on bubble. OK. I have some experience playing in Push/Fold modus. As you know I usually play using short stack strategy.

Of cause, sit and go push/fold modus is different. But my fingers are trained to push all-in. And I love such game. It keeps decisions simple and you can play 4+ tables at once.

What next? Next is heads up. I found a few different strategies for this stage of tournament. Some gurus say that you have to go all-in or fold. Others say that you have to try to see the flop.

It seems to me that first strategy is right. If you push all your chips, your opponent must have a monster to call you. But if you just call, BB have chance to go all-in with marginal hand and win the pot.

As you see I’m not a SNG-guru. That’s why I start Project 1500.

And that’s why I strongly recommend this two sit and go strategy guides:

SitNGoTraining – It’s very interesting guide to sng poker. It’s distinguishing feature it discusses the using of Tournament Indicator software in the game. But some significant issues are not solved.

Sit-and-Go-Strategy-Guide – This is the basic strategy that I will use playing sng tourneys in the future.

P.S. Hm… It looks like that I play wrong SNGs before. I chose tourbo SNG but play strategy that is the best fit for regular SNG structure.

Four New Members on Team PokerStars

The select poker club known as Team PokerStars has just added to its numbers by four. This is a team comprising the best poker players in the world and forms an elite club of poker professionals who travel all over the globe in search of the hottest poker tournament action.

Team PokerStars which is the high society of poker has added four new members and now has a strength of 23 poker players altogether. The latest additions to this select club include Tuan Lam, Dario Minieri, Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan and Raymond Rahme.

The new players of Team PokerStars will by no means feel overshadowed by the rest of their team as they are also stars in their own right and have several tournament wins notched into their own belts.

Tuan Lam for instance started off as a dealer in the poker room of a friend and only learnt poker to stand in as a prop player there! His skills were soon apparent and he later turned poker pro. Tuan Lam went all the way to the World Series and came in at second place earning him a Main Event bracelet and 5 million dollars.

Dario Minieri is a young Italian poker star who has won $300,000 in live poker tourneys so far. He is the first PokerStar to buy a Porsche with his frequent player points and is now gearing for an Aston Martin- with his next set of points!

Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan can play so many single tables simultaneously that he was first suspected to be a bot! “RaiNKhaN” as he is better known is extraordinarily skilled at multi-tasking with poker and has gone on to win almost a million dollars in the final table of the World Series of Poker 2007.

Raymond Rahme only learnt how to play Texas Hold’em in 2005 and went on to become the first person from Africa to make the World Series Main Event Final table. He made thirds place and took in more than $3 million.

Week #2: Sit and Go and other adventure

Start bankroll was $50.90. Game is Full Tilt Poker 1 Table SNG $2+$.25. I’ve played 4 tourneys with ROI equal 0%. ITM is 25%. But I’ve won one tournament! Weekend bankroll is $50.90

Hm. Interesting stats. I won one tourney but was knocked out on bubble three times. Do I play too aggressively? No. I think I did some mistakes playing sngs. But these mistakes explain only one loose.

What do you think about this hand?

Full Tilt Poker
No Limit Holdem Tournament
Blinds: t60/t120
4 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: t5470
Button: t3250
Hero: t1720
BB: t3060

Pre-flop: (4 players) Hero is SB with :kd :ah
UTG folds, Button calls t120 (pot was t180), Hero raises all-in t1720, BB folds, Button calls t1600 (pot was t1960).

Flop: :jc :2s :2h (t3560, 1 player + 1 all-in – Main pot: t3560)

Turn: :jd (t3560, 1 player + 1 all-in – Main pot: t3560)

River: :4c (t3560, 1 player + 1 all-in – Main pot: t3560)

Final pot: t3560
Button showed Jh 9d
Hero showed Kd Ah

SAGE: Sit and Go Endgame Strategy

We were patient and intent. And now there are only two players in the tourney. Great! Know we have to knock out this opponent and win biggest prize.

How to do it? The key is the SAGE. SAGE is very simple strategy that allows playing close to optimal hands.

When does SAGE work?

  1. There are only two players in the tourney
  2. Blinds are relatively high. The smallest stack have to 10 BB
  3. Small Blind push or fold his hand. If he calls or makes small rise, SAGE doesn’t work!

Now we have to calculate Power Index (PI)

  1. Power Number correspond to card straight:
    • 2 = 2
    • 8 = 8
    • 9 = 9
    • T = 10
    • J = 11
    • Q = 12
    • K = 13
    • A = 15
  2. Double highest card Power Number
  3. Add second card Power Number
  4. If you have pocket pair, add 22
  5. If you have suited hand, add 2

As a result you have Power Index of your hand.

Some examples:

We have AA. Cool! Pocket Rockets dive us Power Index equal 67 = 30 (first Ace) + 15 (second Ace) + 22.

We have 89o. Power Index = 18 + 8 = 26

OK. Now calculate R = The Smallest Stack / Big Blind

Now using this numbers find correspond cell in the table:

R All-in from SB Call all-in from BB
1 17 Always
2 21 17
3 22 24
4 23 26
5 24 28
6 25 29
7 26 30

That’s all. Se you in the game!

ZeeJustin Joining Bodog Team

Poker professional Justin Bonomo is joining the Bodog team of professional poker players to represent the online casino platforms site Bodog at poker tournaments and in promotions.

It is reported that the young poker professional Justin Bonomo, also known as ZeeJustin, has been signed onto the list of Team Bodog poker pros. The 22 year old poker professional from Los Angeles has already made a name for himself in the poker arena, earning prize winnings in an accumulated amount of over $1 million. Despite his relatively young age, Justin has already become a feared competitor at the poker tables. At Team Bodog, Justin will be joining poker pros David Williams, Evelyn Ng and Jean-Robert Bellande representing Bodog at online poker games and also at tournament poker tables.

In a Bodog press release in this regard, Morris Mohawk Gaming Group CEO Alwyn Morris stated that “Justin is one of the most feared and skilled players in poker today and we’re thrilled to officially have him join our team of world-class poker pros”. He added that “Justin lives and breathes the Bodog lifestyle and is a perfect fit for us. We expect him to make a lot of noise this year for Team Bodog, beginning with the WSOP this summer.”

Justin himself appears to be eager to get into action on behalf of Team Bodog. “I’m extremely excited about joining the select ranks of Team Bodog pros and becoming an ambassador for the Bodog brand alongside David, Evy and Jean-Robert. I know each of them personally and have tremendous respect for them,” Bonomo shared. “I’m ready to start things off right by having a big WSOP this summer and hopefully bringing home a gold bracelet for Team Bodog. I’m also looking forward to meeting up with other poker players from around the world at Bodog’s online poker tables.”

Although Justin’s success has been so far most apparent at the No Limit Texas Hold’Em poker tables, he has proved to be quite proficient in various different types of poker.

Coupling at Poker After Dark

For the delight and entertainment of the viewers, the professionals at NBC’s popular series ‘Poker After Dark’ has filmed a show including poker couples as its contestants.

Since its first program on Jan 2nd 2007, ‘Poker After Dark’, NBC together with have been treating the viewers to a weekly poker event involving six of the world’s best at the poker tables. This poker series includes different themes and six players by special invitation only to compete in sit n go poker events.

Theme Time at ‘Poker After Dark’

The program creators seem to manage to keep finding new twists and themes for the late night poker show. The latest attraction is to host couples at ‘Poker After Dark”. These are of course not just any ordinary couples, but well-known poker players who happen to be couples. The no limit Texas hold’em event has been named “Love at First Raise” and promises great poker action. The couples that will be participating in this ‘Poker After Dark” show are Jennifer Harman and Marco Traniello; David Benvamine and Erica Schoenberg and Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly. Each of the participants will be competing against their respective mates and the other players for a prize of $120,000.

It is interesting to note that all of the above-mentioned players have appeared in the past on the ‘Poker After Dark’ show. This time, however, certain players may be placed in the position where they need to battle against their loved ones for a chance to win the big prize. An additional point of interest is that two of the women hold WSOP bracelets, that is Jennifer Harman has two and Jennifer Tilly one. While the men have other poker titles to their names, none of them include WSOP bracelets.

Jennifer Harman may be considered the biggest poker name among those participating, but when love is involved who knows what may happen?

James Bond Touch at Poker Stars

James Bond Paulson poker chips are now available for purchase via the Poker Stars Direct site.

The owners of Poker Stars Direct, Brian Garvin and Jeff West, have introduced a new range of Paulson Poker Chips for poker gamers to be able to play in the James Bond style. For years, the name of Paulson has been known as a leader in the area of poker chips manufacture. They are known to be top quality chips and it is believed that the majority of the top casinos use such poker chips.

James Bond poker chips have been created in the style of Casino de Isthmus, which is the name of the fictional casino that was featured in the James Bond movie, “Licensed to Kill”. The chips are available in different denominations and colors.

In Poker Stars Direct’s official press release, it is noted that players may select from a choice of more than 1,500 different items at this large supplier of poker products.

“We’re very excited, not to mention it’s a very comfortable feeling to know customers specifically searching for Paulson Poker Chips will be able to find the entire series of James Bond Chips right from our site, without having to search multiple sites to find exactly what they need”, says Brian Garvin, one of the owners of Poker Stars Direct in a recent statement on the Poker Stars Direct website.

“Our business is committed to constantly expanding our inventory to accommodate the millions of Poker Players throughout the world. Our customers consist of neophytes playing poker from their home, experienced Home Poker Players and even many seasoned Poker Professionals. With myself and Brian working this business full-time, it won’t be long before we are a force to be reckoned with”, says Jeff West, the other owner involved with Poker Stars Direct.

This seems to offer not only James Bond Paulson poker chips for poker enthusiasts, but also a promise of more great things to come in the future at Poker Stars Direct.